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Freelance Specialised Underwater Cameraman

Robert Torelli is available as a free lance underwater cameraman and has his own High Definition Video cameras and housings. Robert has shot in various formats from High Definition through to 3D format for the IMAX screens.

Robert is comfortable in most underwater environments and excels when it comes to filming large marine life whilst free diving in the open water domain.  Roberts thirty years experience as one of the Australia’s leading free divers has provided him with the necessary skills, experience and ability to work in this challenging domain.

Robert is very experienced and comfortable working thirty miles off the coast and slipping over the side of his vessel with free diving equipment to film Killer whales and Sperm whales.

Likewise, his knowledge of large predatory sharks has seen him being able to film up close and personal the most dangerous sharks of all such as Great Whites and Tiger sharks.

Robert has a vast amount of knowledge of specific locations and is just as comfortable filling the role of support diver to other underwater cameramen.


Recent filming projects have included

“Dolphins and Whales 3D”
Filmed for the IMAX screen, Marine Boy Productions provided relevant permits, planned the Killer Whale shoot to New Zealand and Humpback whale shoot to the Kingdom of Tonga.
Robert also filmed key sequences for this film.

“The Orchestra Goes Wild”
For this production, Robert spent several weeks in the Kingdom of Tonga in 2007 as Director of Underwater Photography for Australian based wildlife production company Wild Candy.  This was another large screen production. Robert managed some amazing sequences of Humpback whales whilst free diving.

Here’s what the producers had to say:

Our recent project ‘The Orchestra Goes Wild!’ required some emotive ‘in your face’ sequences of humpback whales underwater in their natural habitat.  The footage is for a huge screen so a steady hand and ability to free dive was essential. Robert Torelli delivered the goods!  His instinct and knowledge of the whales’ behaviour and environment allowed him to get in among the humpbacks without causing them to feel stressed. As producers of many wildlife documentaries we know this is indeed a talent!

As far we’re concerned Robert Torelli is our first choice for an underwater cameraman and we look forward to working with him on our future productions. Marine Boy Productions’ stock footage library has a diverse collection of underwater content which we would also highly recommend.

Jenny Walsh & Lesley Hammond, Producers
Wild Candy/LJM Productions
Crib Point, Victoria, Australia.


Rob filming a Killer Whale 60 kilometers off the New Zealand coast line
Image by David Donnelly.
Rob filming a Killer Whale 60 kilometers off the New Zealand coast line

Image by David Donnelly.
Robert Torelli filming Humpback whales in Tonga.


Rob and Wild Candy Crew
Rob Torelli and Wild Candy crew on location in Tonga, September 2007


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