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“Thank you for all your help while we were filming our large format film production Dolphins and Whales 3D.

Your assistance not only with the logistics but also your on location guidance was great. As always when shooting at sea it seems one has to deal with bad weather, and shooting in New Zealand and Australia was no exception. Working next to you in the water was easy, as we were always on the same page, even though the Orcas were somewhat elusive. We all appreciate the effort you put in capturing some of the images of the Humpback Whales which really helped the finished product.”

Gavin McKinney, Director of Photography, 3 D Entertainment, July 2008.


“Our recent project ‘The Orchestra Goes Wild!’ required some emotive ‘in your face’ sequences of humpback whales underwater in their natural habitat.  The footage is for a huge screen so a steady hand and an ability to freedive was essential. Rob Torelli delivered the goods! His instinct and knowledge of the whales’ behaviour and environment allowed him to get in among the humpbacks without causing them to feel stressed. As producers of many wildlife documentaries we know this is indeed a talent!

As far we’re concerned Rob Torelli is our first choice for an underwater cameraman and we look forward to working with him on our future productions.

Marine Boy Productions’ stock footage library has a diverse collection of underwater content which we would also highly recommend.”

Jenny Walsh & Lesley Hammond
Producers, Wild Candy/LJM Productions, Crib Point, Victoria, Australia.

"Rob Torelli is a skilled waterman and cameraman with a knack for figuring out how to capture the unusual subject and get the shot that hasn't been done before. Working with him has enabled me to add some unique material to my photo library that I would not have otherwise been able to accomplish."

Doug Perrine, Award-winning photographer and founder of

“After almost 20 years of photographing large marine animals I know that there are many factors out of my control, such as weather and seasonal variations, but there is one thing that I have in my control and that is the logistics needed to arrive at the same place and time in the ocean as my target animal.

Working with Robert Torelli allows me to concentrate on what I do best, taking the shot, often under very difficult circumstances. Rob's wide experience as a blue water diver and experienced videographer enables me to place myself in the best possible situation to achieve my goals”.

Kelvin Aitken, Owner of, world's largest online marine wildlife image database.

I am a PADI Master Instructor and once owned Melbourne's premiere SCUBA school, shop and charter boat operation. I have also worked as an underwater cinematographer for nearly all the major production companies and networks throughout the world. In more recent time’s l have branched out into producing television series for the international market.

"I first worked with Robert Torelli and his company filming Tiger Sharks and Great Hammerheads in the Coral Sea 12 years ago. What impressed me were Robert’s amazing free diving skills, knowledge of the area and animals and his ability to film large predators up close and personal. In many cases he chose to film whilst free diving and this proved very successful. Since then we have worked together on a number of projects including consultancy and planning of underwater shoots. Robert has also worked as a freelance underwater cameraman for our production company. He has always delivered the goods. At present l am producing my own series, "Under Water World for Kids" and again Roberts company has been able to deliver amazing stock footage of the underwater world. It is with confidence that l can endorse Roberts work and his knowledge of the underwater world."

Wayne Gibbs, Producer, Pandora’s Box.


Rob Torelli and the 3 D Entertainment crew at the World Premiere of “Dolphins and Whales 3 D” in Boston, USA, February, 2008



Rob Torelli and Wild Candy crew on location in Tonga, September 2007





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